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Crown Royale Moto Hare Scramble Oct 5, 2014 VIHSS
Redemption Oct 26, 2014 VIHSS

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The Titan Jul 13, 2014 VIHSS
The GAS GAS Grind May 25, 2014 VIHSS
The Katoom Apr 20, 2014 VIHSS


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What would interest you more for a race series for 2015?
the same 7 race series from start of April to end of October ( 2 throw aways)
The same 7 race series from start of April to end of October ( no throw aways)
a 4 race series from middle of Feb. to end of April (no throw aways)
I need a break from racing. a year off would be good.
go big! 10 races no throw aways!
Total votes: 39

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Getting ready for The Crown Royale!

   It is just about time to go racing again!! Round 6 is just 5 short days away where we will head back to Whiskey Creek for the Crown Royale Moto Hare Scramble. The race organizers have put forth another great course for this year and right now the conditions are supreme! Get ready for some new trail, all your old favorites, and some re opened trails that most have never ridden before.



Here are the 2014 top 10 overall points standings after 4 rounds of racing.



1. Al wilson (Masters) - 110 ponts

2. Jarrett May (Masters) - 60 points   

3. Adrian Corcoran (Vet Expert) - 59 points

4. Quinn McCullogh ( Expert) - 55 ponts

5. Liam Buss ( Intermediate ) - 52 points

6. Paul Gallagher ( Expert) - 48 points

7. Knight Rider (Vet Expert) - 43 points

8. Travis Howell ( Expert) - 40 points

9. Simon Ritche (Vet Expert) - 39 points

10. Evan Tudor-Jones (Intermediate) - 38 points.


VIHSS summer update

Time to stop skinny dipping in Vancouver Islands beautiful lakes and rivers and time to strap the dirtbike gear back on because racing is going to resume very quickly!


VIHSS top 10 overall points standings 9 (after 3 rounds)

- Here are the top 10 overall points standings for the 2014 VIHSS after 3 rounds:












TEN-FOUR BLOG - Back in the Saddle

Hey racers, this is Jarrett May signing in. It has been oh so long since I have written in my racing blog so, I thought I better get my act together and reconnect with all of you.

The Island Double header races were over 2 weeks ago now but I am still thinking about the fun I had and what it felt like to be back on a dirt bike. I have been busy building my wife and I's new house, and really have had no time to ride a bike the past 6 months. In fact, the last time I jumped on a bike was for the Redemption Hare Scramble in C.R. at the end of October last year.


Adrian Corcorans Blog- Mind Games

Mind Games…….

Well it’s been two weeks now since the VIHSS double header weekend and most of the blisters and other race rash is gone, my ear is pretty close to being back to normal too but that’s another story. It’s also a time to analyze our respective performances and basically do a post –race analysis to decide which areas of our race may be improved upon. For instance, I like to think of my overall performance as a platform, or table that holds me up so I have the ability to stand on the podium following a race.

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