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The Titan 2018 / Race

The Titan 2018

Round 4 of the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series

STEP 1 ($63)Buy a 2018 race license (if you haven't yet)
2018 VIHSS series registration- go to this url:

STEP 2 ($50)
Below is the link to 'RACE' Pre-Entry (not to be confused with 'series' registration link above)
(You can enter at the race if not able to pre-pay online)

STEP 3 ($10)
Bring your helmet to the booth and we'll affix your new transponder, and then just provide us with your signature on our waiver.

STEP 1 Check your Race Results:

STEP 2 Check your Points Standings:

STEP 3 Bench Racing with your buddies

Location Info

Tansky OHV Rec-Site

Jordan River
Juan De Fuca Highway, Jordan River
BC, Canada
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BikerDAD450F's picture

Don't sign up (ON-LINE) for this race, UNTIL you've pre-registered for the 2018 VIHSS season License.

Hi racers! just a note. Please make sure that you sign up to get your 2018 SERIES license BEFORE you click link to the RACE "Pre-Pay" page. You must have your license processed (whether you Pay-Pal "mail-in" is irrelevant) by myself before I'll enter you in the race. Also, I notice in the new software, that in a situation where you have completed the 2018 Series reg. but I have not processed you yet (on my end) , that the software still shows your 2017 class info and this might throw you off, So if you have aged into a different class for 2018, please ensure you edit the form yourself or I'll have to do it for you. This should get you through the line faster at the races. And

See elsewhere on this web site "Racing Fees"

The 2018 race classes and numbering structure are as follows:
Masters 1xx, Expert 2xx, Vet Expert 3xx, Intermediate 4xx, SR Expert 5xx,

Super Senior 6xx, Vet Am 7xx, SR AM 8xx, Novice Advanced 9xx, Women 10xx,

Novice 11xx, Sportsman (if used) 12xx.

Note the Bike numbers have all dropped by one digit, they are first come- first serve for now and the TOP 3 series finishers will have the top three numbers in their class reserved for them. Bike number choices are available on line but make certain that you choose a number that starts with your class prefix example:
Vet Am must begin with 7 as in 719. These rider/bike numbers will be written on your "leather tag" for now but eventually we'll be issuing number plate labels. edit// we've got 4inch labels ready for the race!

BikerDAD450F's picture

Race Pre-Registrants: Have your Race registration form pre-filled out and ready for us at the FAST LANE booth. You may print one off if you like or fill one out at the table. As a new License holder of a 2018 VIHSS series license You'll be buying ($10) a new transponder too and this needs to be applied to your helmet visor and we recommend water proofing it with packing tape too.

The tag should be mounted crossways from side to side, and a caution to you also, these RFID transponders don't function too well around metallic and conductive surfaces so if your visor has shiny metallic paint or is made of carbon fibre, then the manufacturer recommends that you lay down packing tape first, then apply the tag, or apply your tag to the back of you chest protector and tape over it for waterproofing. Andy

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