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The Titan 2017 / Race

The Titan 2017

RACE Rescheduled to SEPT-17th ! Sign up 7 to 10 , riders meeting at 10

Due to the fire risk in the woods this summer, this race was postponed to SEPT 17th. It is important that we be responsible and conscientious stewards of our trails and riding areas so that we can continue to enjoy access to great dirt riding areas in the future.

the Titan course is epic!


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The TITAN Hare Scramble by KENCO Motorcycles
Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series (VIHSS) Round 5

Volunteers are needed, please contact Geoff Ross via FaceBook

The TITAN is a fairly new Vancouver Island race that began in 2012. This
year we dedicate the race to the late Lars Nyberg of Sooke. Lars was one of us, A mountain biker , dirt biker, and a trail builder. Lars built many trails on south Vancouver Island and several at the Tansky Rec Site. Lars' latest trail (before he passed) was close to being complete and so we got together with the mountain biking community to have a work party in order to finish this last trail. We call it "Lars from Mars" ,and this trail is part of a greater vision that Lars had of connecting several "gravity" trails together to make a continuous run from top to bottom of the rec site. There are still a few sections to be built. We are including sections of Lars' trail in this years TITAN race. ENJOY !

The race will be held at the Tansky Rec Site in Jordan River on South Vancouver Island, this is west of Sooke
Map link:,-124.0149066,7628m/data=!3m1!1e3
There will be race route arrows at the hi-way turn off for you to follow.
There are many places to park or camp along the 3 km route to the race staging area, There will also be certain sites ribboned off limits (reserved for staff)and/or part of the race route. Please respect these areas and find somewhere else to park. There are several camping/overnight sites that are big enough for a camper/trailer combo. these are first come, first served, but please, if you are in a truck with no trailer, avoid using up a large site that would accommodate a truck/trailer. Race-day parking will be mostly along both sides of the JR Main logging road (keep one vehicle width open for emergencies)where space is available (we hope to have a parking attendant, do you want to volunteer? contact us)

Food Truck on Site Sunday - "Vinny's Gourmet Dogs" (If available) subject to change

Saturday -No Pre-registration (at this time)

Sunday - Registration available on the morning of the race 7-9:45am 10 at latest

Registration forms available online too.(a $15 single day license is available)

Cost to race will be $40.00 for licensed racers.
More info:

PRE-RIDING is permitted, to minimize home-field advantage. As of July-4th there are still no arrows marking the route yet, but we will get them up asap.
WARM UP LOOP: We are planning on having a 2 km warm up loop marked out for you. This course is the same route that you will ride when the race starts, with two BUSY ROAD CROSSINGS, so please obey the x-ing signs and stay safe.


VIDRA Rulebook

LEGAL: This race is run on "Crown Land" and therefore subject to the laws of this province and while we have never seen (law)enforcement of the OHV registration plates/decals, you are riding on or crossing "Resource Roads". The law states that OHV "registration" (at the least) is mandatory to ride on crown land, and that insurance is required to ride on or cross public resource roads. This is up to you. VIDRA does not enforce this.

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Special thanks to our sponsors:
Kenco Motorcycles and Husqvarna

Richlock Rentals
Don Mann Excavating
Norm James/PEN Enterprises trucking
TREL Developments
Westcoast Appliance
Coastal Construction
Sooke Mountain Cycles
DCT Chambers trucking
The trail Fairys
Queesto Forestry
Pacheedaht First Nation
RSTBC Rec Sites and Trails BC
Team Sales
Raincoast Weatherproofing and Restoration inc.

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People that helped put this event on for you: (buy them a round)
(in no particular order)
Brad Johnson ("all I wanted was a tee shirt")
Geoff Ross
Bruce Hobbenshield
Lars Nyberg
Andy James
Nick Caldwell (of Husqvarna Canada)
Ryan Young
Mike Charchuck
John and Chris Stalker
Craig Petrie
Lorien Arnold
Katz Kuwert
Matt DeTurberville
Frankie Howe
Brad Adams
Matt Patton
Leon Tulevski
Buck Harrison
Shawn Kirk, Michael and Misha Linehan, Grant Clarke, Brigit Jensen (MTB)

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the race is postponed until SEPT-17th due to high fire risk

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