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The Titan / Race

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Tansky OHV Rec-Site

Jordan River
Juan De Fuca Highway, Jordan River
BC, Canada
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details coming soon

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$30 to race this event!
Camping at China Beach or on site @$10 a unit for the weekend (price subject to change) Owner on site. Treat the camping areas with respect and clean up after you are done, and we will likely be invited back. The access roads are rough so be mindful of what RV you intend to bring up the hill. Bigger 5th wheels are better off down at China beach provincial camp ground.
Riding an un insured motorcycle on the FSR (forest service road) is subjecting yourself to the chance of a hefty fine. So you are forwarned.

Check back soon for details on approx. course length and a/b splits, etc.

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the TITAN will be as interesting as it volunteers can make it, ha ha , I hope we get a few more volunteers. The course idea I had hoped for is in the trash already (after I pre-rode it) and as the new trails are cut and finished, the new course will take shape as the race day draws nearer. I'm hoping to put up fresh arrows 24 hours before the race. there are many possibilities and the more helpers we get, the more splits we can have. A few brand new trails are being added, as well as a whole new start concept that is borrowed from a mainland race. If all goes well, we won't be starting anywhere near where we usually do.

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new details... We threw out 5 course versions so far, 6.0 is the one! we are almost done trimming this route. I'm happy with this route, except for some spots that we have yet to clean up, but rest assured, we'll get to that before race day
The route won't be arrowed until Saturday afternoon, but if you need to warm up on Saturday, feel free to ride anywhere you like up at Tansky. It is less likely that you will ruin the course if you are randomly ripping around warming up the day before. There is no pre-riding being allowed before the race. Sunday morning however, you may ride the starting loop. This year we are starting the race at the bottom of the mountain at the lower parking lot! This has never been done before, not a race anyway. The VMC has done a couple enduro starts from down there but never an all out race start. I CANT STRESS ENOUGH THE NEED FOR ROOST PROTECTION FOR THIS TYPE OF START! there will be rocks flying at you the whole way up the trail. until the bridges, where the trail narrows down to a quad trail.
The race loop is up the mountain like usual, and the start section is only used once, it is a few kms long and you will only see it once. First time you see the transponder reader is at the end of your LONG first lap.
There is a rock garden feature at the end of the start trail. It is marked with a sign as "The Rock Garden" you only "get" to ride this once

We will be parking and camping up top in the usual spots. Camping is $10 per unit for the weekend, clean up after yourselves or we might lose this privilege.
Your gas cans cans can be put out at the same spot as last time, (right at the bottom of Tansky Main) across from the score keepers tent.
Registration is exactly where it was last year too.
There will be Burgers for sale, water and pop and chips too. All proceeds go to support VIDRA's Tansky Land access fund.

there is One A/B split, very short, not really neccesary, but it is there, so enjoy. Besides this way the SENIOR EXPERTS get to race the short time instead of the long 3 plus hour race. This is Tansky after all. you'll all be destroyed before your race is over. This years course is likely the longest I've ever designed for a Tansky Hare Scramble. (the final mileage is not done yet).
There will also be a "riders choice" split, the choices are "short and rough" and "long and smooth". No one will know which way is faster until they try them both during the race. (call it the JOKER LANE if you like)

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