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2018 VIHSS Race Fees / Page

For information about the racing fees for the 2018 VIHSS season, please see chart below.

  Annual Rates Daily/weekend   Rates
Race License

SINGLE / Individual (over 15)  $60 (or $63 via Pay-Pal)

FAMILY (2 Individuals)               $80  (can't register online)

Youth rate (15 and under):       $20 (can't register online)



Single /Individual $15:

Family (2 Indiv.)  $30

Youth (15 & Under) $15

Race Fee

$50 per race



$10  Your 2017 transponder is now unsupported Like Windows 95


All riders must have a valid race license and a new transponder. The New MOTO-TALLY Scoring software is changing the way we do things and once we get up-to-speed, sign-in will only be a short wait.

We recommend that if you are new and need council as to which class you should enter, then join the lineup on race day. Otherwise before registering on-line, Know your class# prefix  (example: VET-AM is 7xxx) .

Now with the new software, we are "dropping" one digit so 7xxx is now 7xx.  So for another Example, I used to be 5101 and now I'm shorter by 1 digit to a new bike number of my choice, so I picked 510.   and yet another example (this time from one of the B-classes): 10032 has to be shortened by 1 digit, so that rider could choose 1032.

The system administrator will disallow your bike number request if you pick a number that; doesn't match your correct class # prefix, and/or if you choose a number over xx99

And just for extra reference: here is another look at the available classes for the 2018 season:

Masters 1xx,   Expert  2xx,   Vet Expert  3xx,   Intermediate   4xx,   Senior Expert   5xx,   Super Senior  6xx

Vet Am   7xx,   Senior Am  8xx,   Novice Advanced   9xx,   Womens  10xx,   Novice  11xx,  Sportsman  12xx

Kids  (13 and under) there is a whole schedule for you this year, just show up before 9am on race day and get registered.


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