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WCR'S offroad Riding school on
March 18th / Forum

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RAZ's picture

Howdy Folks. dos any one know what time and were the offroad Riding school on March 18th is going to take place? I would like to get my son into the school.



Jarrett's picture

hey there, sorry havent responded sooner. It looks like it wont be happening on that date. I just have been too busy with work and getting a bunch of other things in order lately. What my plan is, is to hopefully hold a school on April 21st , the day before the Roots of Doom race. This way the few other top racers that I want to be there can make it down for both the race and the school. I need to talk with them first to make sure it's ok. they are from the kamloops vernon area, so they will probably be all for the idea.there will most likely be 3 instructors, maybe 4. Ill have more details shortly. Like i said, just need to talk to them first.


Jarrett May 104

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