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Brentwood 2 day Hard Enduro course
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PeterSprague's picture

I have completely redesigned the course for the Brentwood 2 day Hard Enduro from my original concept based on your feedbacks. Tansky is a tougher riding area, but the B course should be rideable by a fit intermediate trail rider. Still will have roots and rocks everywhere though, can't get away from it.

I moved the date from October (usually racing in the rain) to August to hopefully decrease the intensity level.

That being said, the Brentwood's history and place in the club dictates that it is supposed to more technical/intense, but shorter than the Terra Nova. This is not an event for novices, we have the March Hare, Equalizer and Wellburn as junior enduro events. Until this year, only the Expert class even got a trophy.

You will be pushed, but also rewarded. Finisher medals for all.

The structure will be:
"B" riders: 1 or 2 laps, B splits, 2 B tests/lap
"A" riders: 2 or 3 laps on Saturday, 1 or 2 laps on Sunday, A splits, 2 A tests per lap
"AA" & Trials Class riders: A plus extreme enduro test per lap

The "B" tests are shorter and separate from the "A" & "AA" tests, and you can ride at your own pace between the two tests. The extreme enduro test will not be timed, just checked. The actual extreme test section took Ben (VMC President) 12 minutes on his trials bike, plus the transfer sections on either end.

The B start will be the same as the Titan, but the intensity will let way up after the first 3 km to a nice novice single track -> old forestry road grade for several km. The "A" course, well they are "A" riders for a reason.

In a nutshell, I've attempted to make the "B" loop as fun as possible given the terrain, but the A & AA loops will be up to true hard enduro standards. Something for everyone.

Plus you get to camp out in a beautiful spot on Vancouver Island, and then race a second day. Bring family and friends to enjoy the beach.

I personally ride with a trials tire & tubebliss on my KTM200, and will take my trials bike if I'm riding the really hard stuff in the wet. Graham won the Vet Expert class on a trials bike. Al Wilson had a trials tire, but Jarrett rode with a knobby. Most of the Tansky regulars ride with a trials tire. Food for thought.


kaos's picture

wondering if something can be clarified,i have been running this season in the 'super senior 'class.does this mean if i run the brentwood on my trials bike i will not be able to continue with my usual class (and accumulate points) but now race in a ''one off'' class?fwiw all the races so far have been great for me,the tansky was the first to have a and b splits of which i'm not fond of,personally i like the 2 and 3 hour cut offs to seperate the a and b riders ,not terrain .but of course in thats in the hare scramble format.

PeterSprague's picture

As it says on the event page, all the PN classes are included. The trials class is just an additional class. If you choose to ride a trials bike in Super Senior, or Vet Expert as Graham does, then that is your choice. The trials class is for those that want to not ride one of the PN classes and/or want to be challenged with the AA course.

Originally I wanted to just have the PN classes, but a number of riders have asked for a separate trials class. I personally like the "run what you bring philosophy", but others felt otherwise. What do riders think of the idea?

When you are designing an enduro course, it is just about impossible to satisfy everyone. But I am attempting to have the B course easier than the Titan. All the tests will be separate, otherwise the B riders would feel like lambs to slaughter, or the AA riders would not be challenged. Also they are separated to reduce bottle-necks for the A riders.

As to A/B splits, Interior PN HS events often have alternate lines, so the idea is not completely outside the norm. At the recent CEC, tests had A & B splits at the beginning. Same thing for the Brentwood Hard Enduro.

PeterSprague's picture

Hoping to get a bunch of the Terra Nova regulars to give the Brentwood a go this year with the trials class.

willy559's picture

looking forward to it!!! Hope you guys get a good turn out!

250yamaha's picture

Hey there do the B riders, ride just the one day! or do they ride two

PeterSprague's picture

This is a two day enduro, so registration is for two days. If a rider chooses to only ride for one day, then that is their choice, but they will get a DNF.

One of the ideas of this 2 Day enduro is to get riders and family out for a fun weekend. China Beach is available for camping, and the rest of the family can walk to the beach and relax while the race is.

250yamaha's picture

thanks for the reply! So the B rider would do 1 lap saturday and one lap sunday + the two test each day thanks for your time

PeterSprague's picture

See the Brentwood page for the schedule. Depending on the course conditions, B riders will do 1 or 2 laps on saturday, 1 on sunday, with 2 tests per lap. You only need to ride at your comfortable trail pace until you reach a test section.

I had a B class rider test the course and he said with the present conditions, no problem with two laps. I want the B riders to have fun, so will adjust the laps according to the weather.

PeterSprague's picture

See the Brentwood page for the schedule. Depending on the course conditions, B riders will do 1 or 2 laps on saturday, 1 on sunday, with 2 tests per lap. You only need to ride at your comfortable trail pace until you reach a test section.

I had a B class rider test the course and he said with the present conditions, no problem with two laps. I want the B riders to have fun, so will adjust the laps according to the weather.

looki's picture

Hey All

Just thought some of you would like a course report on the Brentwood Hard Enduro that comings up next weekend.
There are 2 special test for the B riders and 3 Specials for the A and AA riders. I would put both loops in the 25 -35 K range but did not mileage the course.

The entire race is made up of your time through the special tests. Total race time will probably be in the 30 min to 50 minutes for the A and AA guys and slightly less for the B riders. The rest of the course is considered transfer sections with no requirement of the rider to go fast, you just have to make it to the next special test start. This is a great format for the Tansky riding area because you can dog it over most of the trail and be in decent shape to go all out for 10 -20 minutes on the special tests.

The course is better laid out then the Titan was in terms of flow. All the specials are not that difficult and have be laid out the maximize the fun factor and not just to punish you. They defiantly heard the complaints after the Titan and have adjusted things to increase the fun factor. The course has also dried out nicely and there is actually a little dust.

I would say that overall the course is 20%-30% easier then the Titan .



fishlegs's picture

did you grind your horns down before typing,during,or after?or all 3....just remember your taking advice from a guy that will throw his bike over an 8 ft fence just to ride a new trail that dead ends 100 ft later( i was with him...i helped..)

dhdey's picture

easier??? I thought this was supposed to be a hard enduro? thats why I was gonna come over from the mainland

PeterSprague's picture

Tim is referring to the B course. Many of the B riders got chewed up at the Titan, and I resigned the B course to give them a lower intensity and more fun.

The A & AA course will be up to A standards. A pair of A riders that were arrowing with me on Saturday definitely felt it was an A course. Thing that will be missing that was in the Titan will be mud.


willy559's picture

Come over Ryan, the area is nasty! Just rough and nasty everywhere. We need some more mainland guys.

dhdey's picture

i'm gonna be coming with mike laycraft

hope its good and tough

RYY's picture

Just thought I would give my 2 cents(and then some) on the upcoming Brentwood Enduro. I had the opportunity to hear feedback from several of you after the Titan and yes indeed Peter did listen. I can only speak for the "B" loop, we rode it today and it was enjoyable, almost fun. Still enough Tansky roots, and rocks to let you know that you are riding in one of the toughest trail systems on the island. The loop is right around 17 kms(Peter to confirm tomorrow)it has some nice flow, with a mix of washed out roads to tight single track. Most of the tough trails ridden in the Titan are being used but in a reverse format so the extreme roots and uphills are gone. The loop can be ridden at a ride your own pace, the test sections are designed to be run as fast as you can safely do so. The timed test sections( two per lap, with two laps proposed) are both run over very different terrain. The first and longer of the two sections has the tougher tighter trails, run at a slower pace in approx ten minutes, again tough but very ridable. The second and much shorter test section is more geared towards the high speed riders. This section starts on a downhill and finishes at the top of a very smooth and fast hill climb. There are only a few sections outside of the test areas that you need to be aware of. At the highest point of the loop(Candy Cane)you come across the only real mud that needs to be ridden through, I suggest riding one side of the trail or the other, if not possible try and keep your front wheel up on the high side and let the back tire power you though. Another spot is the uphill on the Kawasaki trail, it is rough, just keep your momentum up and pick your lines. Being an enduro format (riders spaced about one minute intervals)you all should not have to worry about holding other faster riders up. While in the timed test sections, if another rider does come up on you I would suggest that you move over and let them by. Outside of the test section I might suggest if a faster rider comes up on a stuck or struggling rider that maybe lending a hand or atleast giving the slower rider a chance to get going again maybe a good common courtesy.
I would ask that any of you not wanting to make the trek back out to Tansky due to the brutal results of the Titan(A race I did enjoy) I would suggest that you give Tansky and the Brentwood a second chance. It is a good loop, the mud is dissapearing and the weather is suppose to be good. So come on out and lets go racing.
Again just my 2 cents

Jarrett's picture

Great update Ryan, thanks. Round 2 of Tansky sounds very promising. Not too many places in B.C. (in the world) are left with moist ground with no dust in the heat of summer. Pretty cool when you can have a series all year round and not have any dust( I mean minimal) at all the races. We have had sunny days at all the races so far this year. We have been blessed.

breeze's picture

As is becoming usual the Jolly Roger crew will be out filming the event. We like carnage that ends with a laugh, high speed mud flinging and technical interesting stuff. Typically our main problem is finding all those kewl places, so friday and saturday feel free to drop by our tent, say hi and show us where we need to be.

If you see a camera laying on a trail.... run it over
If you see a camera could be in the Brentwood vid

willy559's picture

Going pretty nutty not knowing the results???

dhdey's picture

me too !!!

Jarrett's picture

Lets make some assumptions. I say Elite goes like this: Cordner, Dey, Wilson, Howell, May.
Graham Turner and Mark Cahill I bet are very close in times for vet expert. I will say Laycraft will just squeak out Ritchie for first in intermediate. Senior Expert there was alot of you and you are all fast old fat guys,,,, so who knows. Ryan Young probably took another win at Tansky in the Vet am class but with others very close in time. Not too sure about the other classes as I am still getting to know everyone. We will find out soon what the real results will be. Maybe I should be a fortune teller.

PeterSprague's picture

Don't forget that the trophy and overall podium goes to the fastest AA riders, not just elite.

I will have the unofficial times up this afternoon/evening, but my crystal ball says Cordner, Dey, and a few of the "old fat guys" did a smack-down on the rest of the elites;)

Still need to sort out the DNS & DNF statuses around test incompletions, plus the Juniors only needed to do one lap per day, but many did two then pulled on Sunday.

Thanks Mode for starting data entry, with Eric and Jodi grinding it out last night.


Thomas.C's picture

Yeah that's not what i predict will be the outcome! Elite is going to go Wilson, May, Howell, Dey, Cordner. Vet Ex will be Graham Turner, Andrew Watson, Mark Cahill. I agree with the rest of your predictions!

Jarrett's picture

ooops forgot about Watson. I dunno man you had the least of problems. I will say I had the fastest times on the 2nd test all 3 times, and the 1st test on day 2. The other 2 tests I was a write off. Would be cool if Wilson took it. He's sooooo old though. Have you seen his beard lately, looking PRETTY grey! hahaha.,

dhdey's picture

my missing a turn and having to back track cost me alot and i never once made the muddy log crossing without having to lift or push my bike

kitt's picture

really, people are only interested in the Vet Am results...the rest is just all filler. Fun race, I enjoyed the format and the course was fun.

willy559's picture

Pretty sure loosing my chain ruined it for me! Living with 3 girls will make ya go grey really quick!

bigwavedave's picture

who's posting the results? why aren't they up yet? who do I need to pester with phone calls?

aussie's picture

Great event and tough though rather dissapointing to have to wait this long for the results.Who is posting them and where are they gunna post them.Maybe next year it will better?My wife took some photos of a lot of you guys we will post them up later this week.

flyingcritter's picture

Peter and Jodi are working on getting the results out. There are 80+ pages of data to slog through, they're working on it. I was told to "not get my knickers in a bunch" from Peter etc.

They should be out by Wednesday (I hope).

In the meantime, where are the pics/vids?

Marko's picture

These crystal ball posts are entertaining...

From what I saw and heard, Mr Thomas C is being a bit modest in his predictions, I suspect he may have gotten it done in Elite, though agree with his thoughts on Vet Ex as the skinny bikes guys were going pretty quick...I didn't thump very well in the first test...missed my 2-stk at this event...but it WAS a great workout!

Jarrett's picture

Glad to see you over here Mark. You are definately one of the smoothest riders around. Hope the bike school goes well this weekend for you.

Marko's picture

Thanks Jarrett! You will also be smooth when you reach your 40th year of riding...It just takes time Man!

proppeller's picture

Oh where Oh where Oh where could the Brentwood results be???

PeterSprague's picture

I know everyone is itching for the results, but everything is manual which takes loads of time. I'd like nothing more than having a full on computerized enduro timing system, but they are $30,000+. Or an extra $100 - $150 per racer to cover the costs. And then you still have aberrations that have to be dealt with by hand. Even to score simple HS scoring with the PN system takes manual fixing.

Until you have calculated the results for an enduro, you wouldn't comprehend how much time it takes. In theory, it shouldn't take very long. Jodi and I got back on Monday at 3pm with the last of the clean-up done and BCHydro gate key returned. Worked almost 7hrs on it yesterday. So please be patient.

I'll post the results as soon as we have them finalized.


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