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Kamloops crew looking at Hosting an
Extreme Race / Forum

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Tlineman's picture

A bunch of us Kamloops guys are thinking about hosting a hard or extreme race this upcoming year. What do you guys think? Is there much interest in such a thing?

We like the idea of having one loop of the hardest trails there are too be found in Kamloops. Lots and lots of rocks. Thinking around a 25k loop of stuff so hard that we'll expect everyone to need to push there bike through certain sections.

Is there an appetite for this? Here's your chance to voice your thoughts. Keep in mind we're thinking of trails so hard that it will be an accomplishment for many just to finish.

Cheers, Ryan 2five-oh tre2zero nine-sixty six-one

Marko's picture

My suggestion, if you get some momentum going for this, is to make it very hard, but not to the point of being unrideable. With times being tight these days, getting riders to enter an event to destroy their bikes is not going to get

Choose a loop that someone like Bobby could ride, but which would require he be to be having an A-game day to ride the loop without pushing.

A hard event should be rideable, but exhausting. It shoudn't require pushers/pullers just so the top riders finish. If it evolves to that one day, like Erzberg, cool, but IMHO, it won't gain any momentum if you kill all entrants the first year.

just my two cents.



loghopperjr's picture

I would be there for sure. I think the idea of just having a bunch of huge hills like Xtinction that can destroy your bike any time during the race by tumbling to the bottom is a bit much, of course there is tons of skill involved with that but I like the idea of the race being even harder but in a technical aspect. A super tight, trials terrain race. Big rock ledges, logs on hills, pro zone stuff and all that sounds great to me. Survival run style, if you can make it and finish your doing good. You definitely have the terrain for some carls diner style rock sections and things to make all masters push and lift. The harder the better for me, and thats what keeps me coming back!

Tlineman's picture

As it stands now we are looking to go forward with such a race this year yet might only consider it to be a "ride." if successful, then full bore next year. Obviously there is no series for such an event established yet so no dates or anything have been set. Race will definitely be held as a survival style of race. It is not our intent to wreck anyones bike, maybe just smash your pipe up a bit;) It will be our intent to deliver a course with no breaks, no road sections, and extremely difficult to have any type of flow. As you said, one thing we have here is rocks, rocks, and more rocks. The monster horsepower sucking hills just don't exist here, that stuff is best found in Lytton.

For those that know Pro Zone and that type of trail, that is exactly what we are envisioning our course to look like. No big monster hills, but lots of short ones with rocks strewn about. I have no problem putting on a course where someone like Bobby might have to push. It might give someone who's a slower but stronger technical rider an opportunity to beat the invincible man straight up.

Not sure about classes either. Might just be two, pro and amateur.

It will be a bit of a 'trial' year with the event. All ideas are welcome.

BikerDAD450F's picture

Its a good idea, but I likely wouldn't go and here is why... I am over 40, my only bike is a 450 (with auto clutch) and although I'm a technical rider ,I am too out of shape to sustain that length of pushing a 280 lb bike around,I challenge myself on rock ledges and logs and such but stamina is a problem these days. Personally, I have never even ridden the Kamloops area (YET)and I would be better off just taking a long weekend and having a local take a few of us islanders out for a tour, with the occasional beer break.

over the hill

kitt's picture

Im in. I think we need more hard enduro races. Hare Scrambles are too technically easy, and cross country races seem to be faster and more open to cover territory. I think a long, very hard race would inspire people to get in shape and learn to be a better rider.

Tlineman's picture

A date in late September is being looked at. Likely going to be a 2-day event. Sat Qualifier and Sunday the extreme event. Everything is in pencil at this point but stay tuned.

Course will likely be geared towards a 20-30K loop of some real nasty sh#t. We want it to take 3hours plus to do a single lap. Also the idea of only 2 classes, A and B is being considered. Stay tuned.

Jarrett's picture

Sounds great!! Kamloops is the best place to do this event too. What if the saturday qualifier was more like a hare scramble race or cross country that could be a totally seperate course to the extreme event. Then you would get a high number of racers on saturday. Then the top racers from that race qualify for sunday. Everyone else can hopefully stick around for Sunday to watch.

Tlineman's picture

Thats likely to be exactly the format that we're gonna use. Rather then just take the top 50 overall for the sat event, we may only take say the top 20 A riders, and then the top 30 B riders. This means that there will be A riders that will not make the Sun Xtreme event yet there will be B riders who may not be as skilled or fast that will. The concensus is that we don't want this event to turn into a Pro only race where only the top 50 fastest guys will race Sunday. Rather we want to see all levels of riders have an opportunity to make the xtreme race.

There needs to be an overall winner of an event like this, and an overall amateur winner. We feel that this is important to keep everyone involved and everyone a fair chance at riding the event

Such a format may help the club draw from A riders who didn't make the cut to run as sweep riders for the race. Might be hard to get sweep riders for and xtreme race.

Again everything is pre-liminary and merely in the discussion stage. Details are yet to be ironed out.

motomaniac's picture

Ryan, I'm so in. Let's go ride soon.

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