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First one? / Forum

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04crf's picture

Just like to say thanks for making a great site! That is Local. Guess im the first one from the Mainland to post? Typical weekend warrior in my 30's with several riding buds. Go to the local areas and up to Merritt/Kamloops lots as well. hope this site takes off! Thanks again and keep riding!

schoenrock's picture

same here! ride every sat & sun @ mcnutt with the odd vedder rip every once an a while.....cant forget the summer road trips that i am currently itching for too!!!

okbridge's picture

From the Okanagan and need to go riding...were are some areas for trails etc..

okbridge's picture

I guess I should say were..hope area etc

04crf's picture

From the Okanagan but from Hope? weird. Nickklemine is really close and has lots of good trails etc. Might be a little snow/icy still though?

04crf's picture

Vedder mnt would be ok right now. I little slick and wet though. Rooty and slick LOL.

okbridge's picture

When I said were, I was reffering to the riding area were we were looking at going too...

thanks for the reply..any other places you can think of..Osoyoos, Kamloops not quite ready yet, possibly in two weeks

04crf's picture

Let me know when the Kamloops area's are good to go!! I thought there was still a decent amount of snow up there? In the Valley though I would think That Nicklemine will be ok fairly soon and Chipmunk as well. Not sure about chip though. Herd a rumor about some logging. Sorry for the missunderstanding of your post! :)

04crf's picture

Why do I keep double posting?

Sanchez's picture

Kamloops is a long way from being ready to ride.


I was at Vedder last week and it was in great shape. A little muddy but unlike Kamloops mud, you could actually get traction.

Tlineman's picture

Probably gonna be burning gas in the sled for at least another month. Way too much snow here to go riding

04crf's picture

Hoping to come up in Late April? Inks that is. Any ideas on what it might b like that time of year?

Sanchez's picture

It should be fine for the most part with possibly some patches of snow higher up. Beware of mud though. Kamloops mud is not something you can always ride through.


04crf's picture

LOL> Thats funny. Cant be much worse than some of the stuff in the Valley. Been to Inks before and had a blast! Wouldnt think there would be much mudd around there?? Guess im wrong. Hope the snow goes away by then! I need to get out of 2ond Gear!  :}

Sanchez's picture

I'm referring to when snow melt on top of silt, it turns to grease. I've seen it so thick it can actually bind your wheels. Then once it dries its like concrete and all those massive ruts dry like that. Coast mud is nothing like interior mud.


But higher up at Inks and Chewels is betetr because its rockier and less dry.

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