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Thought this might be a good topic, especially with the current (snowy) conditions.  Did anyone ride yesterday, and what was your experience?  Not much snow in Courtenay, but enough in Cumberland to get in the way.

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Rode at Whiskey creek today.  Snow throughout the day not sticking in the woods, but in openings it's accumulating.  Wet and slippery, but good conditions.  Second half of the Valley of Doom, has a triple tree across the trail.  Someone built a switchback around it, recommend having a buddy to help you through.  Excellent work WCR on the new trails. 

Too much snow in Courtenay to ride.

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Rode Boyd's Pit today. Typical wet winter conditions on the single track in lower elevations. 2-3k up from the pit snow starts, was on my own so I stayed out of those.

Later I drove up to Tansky. Snow starts at about 100ft, just before the majority of trails.

Both locations will improve significantly over the next week with warmer temps

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Wondering if anyone has ridden in Port Alberni recently.

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Rode Comox Lake today.  Some snow still on open trails, very little in the trees.  This rainfall should kill it hopefully.

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Whiskey Creek today, very wet deep puddles with water pooling on all trails and streams running down the hills.  Bayou DEEP!!

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Comox Lake today. Snow is all gone, and the trails are in good shape.  A few deep water holes, and the occasional log down.  Looking forward to Sunday.

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Nice! man you ride a lot! 

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Whiskey Creek was used and abused on Sunday under perfect conditions.  The trails were moist (but not wet) and the weather was cool and the rain held off.  The course is whooped and rutted with substantial exposed roots.  Excellent race WCR and hats off to you.  You've set the bar high!! 

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Anybody been out to Shawnigan lately? this weather is killin me. Probably snowing up there eh?


kitt's picture

Went up past Burnt Bridge on Kapoor main and out to A main off the 17km mark. The lower trails close to the river were mostly bareand dry, but the higher trails and all the ones out past 17k still had deep snow on them.

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Rode Comox Lake yesterday.  Looking very good.  Lost some trail along Comox Logging road due to logging.  The rest are riding excellent.  They are moist, and breaking in nicely.  Nice work on the Broom from Maple Lake Pit Darren and crew, and the new climb is fun.  Keep up the good work.

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Trials at Comox Lake yesterday.  Beautiful and Dry, snow before you get to the bottom of Forbidden Plateau.  Beautiful new trails by Hugh.  Thanks for the tour of 'Goathead' Hugh, and keep up the good work.

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Whiskey Creek today. Excellent conditions. Moist with good traction and no dust. Some trails getting overgrown with ferns. Tree across on Washing Machine. Mud holes are dry.

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