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This thread I will post updates, fixes and new features added to the website.

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You can now attach files to forum topics and replies

wallpaper-504788.jpg 1.44 MB
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Fixed a bug preventing people from uploading their own avatars.

upload your user pictues now!

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Added a new page that shows the content being liked and shared on Facebook

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I added another security check to try and stop bots and spammers. But some will always get through, so be sure to report spam posts with the button on the post.

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I've added a bunch of fancy filter options to the videos page to assist users finding the videos their interested as the video library grows.

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thanks broski, sorry to hear you mangled yourself again. I hope you heal quick and are back on the bike (mountain bike) soon. and/or skis.

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Yah sucks, I wanna be riding now!

I've been making a bunch of small tweaks all over the site.
Also added a page listing all the file attachments added to the site:

I also fixed the blog link you tried to add in the menu now just needs some posts!

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awesome thanks! somebody name Al Wilson needs to start writing some killer race reports! I'm sure he will have a good one after the Cat Scratch this weekend.

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I created another cool new page called "Content Photos"

Its a gallery of all the photos attached to blog posts, riders, races, riding locations & bikes. You can use the drop down form at the top of the page to switch between the types.

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I created a Twitter account for the site that auto-posts when there is a new blog/article added.

The Facebook page also now auto updates when a new blog is added

You can also keep up with updates using the RSS feed

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