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VIDRA - Excutive Board

Your 2016 VIDRA board members are:

President: ­ Andrew Graham

Vice President: ­ Andy James

Treasurer: ­ Geoff Ross

Secretary: ­ Lisa Lougheed

Race Coordination (by region):

  • North Island
    • Race Coordinator: ­ Bob Stewart
    • North Island Member at Large: Cam Lougheed
  • Mid Island
    • Race Coordinator: ­ Kevin Williams
    • Mid Island Member at Large: Al Wilson
    • Port Alberni Member at Large: Jeffrey Stites 
  • South Island
    • Race coordinator: ­ Jeff McKerihan

VIHSS Member at Large: ­ Jarrett May

Riding Area Representatives:

  • Campbell River Riding Area Representative: Bob Stewart 
  • Whiskey Creek Riding Area Representative: Andrew Graham
  • Cook Creek Riding Area Representative: Kevin Williams
  • Tansky Riding Area Representative: John Seabrook

Scoring & Points Keeper: ­ Lisa Lougheed

Government Liason (Land Access Coordination): ­ Debi Lister

Webmaster: ­ Bobbi Bjornholt

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