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VIHSS summer update

VIHSS summer update

Time to stop skinny dipping in Vancouver Islands beautiful lakes and rivers and time to strap the dirtbike gear back on because racing is going to resume very quickly!

The Nanaimo Knock out (formerly the Charlie Horse), is coming fast! September 20th and 21st is Round 5's race weekend. The race organizers have been putting in some more hard work at the Nanaimo Moto Park to make for a vast change of a race course. With the help from the NMA (Nananimo Motocross Association) the crew has constructed a full on endurocross course that will be the start of the Hare scramble course. Tires, logs, water tank, excavator cab doors, more tires, rocks, you name it, you will be riding over it!! The crew has also started to build a whole new section of trail that will add to the race course. The race designer is most likely going to shorten the loop from last year to make it even more spectator friendly. You can go here : to get more information on the Nanaimo Knock out. You will find the information on the Saturday event as well. There might be more events now that the Endurocross is now up!

Next, Round 6 of the 2014 VIHSS was slotted to be the Hell's Kitchen at Cook Creek close To Bowser. VIDRA and MIDR have been working hard to try and get the area ready to race , but it's not quite far enough along, and they do not have full permission yet to race in the area. Next year it should happen at Cook Creek when the trails are more established. But, don't worry too much as the race organizers had a back up plan all along. Round 6 will be relocated to WHiskey Creek!! The race will Be the Crown Royale Moto Hare Scramble. It will be in the same format as the past 2 years. Two separate 10-13km loops, Two motos again with the "B" riders racing on one loop in the morning,"A" riders on the other for the morning, then the "A" and "B" riders will switch courses in the afternoon for moto 2. Racers combined scores from both motos will make up the overall score!! Great racing, great fun!

There is no change with Round 7 , The Redemption Hare Scramble. It is still on the same weekend (October 26th) and is still at Campbell River. C.R. never disappoints!

There was talks of maybe the VMC possibly being able to put on a fall race at Boyd's Pit. The VIDRA directors will look into it and see if it is a possibility for a race in November. We will keep you posted here on your web source for news and information on the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series.

Make sure to hit the rev limiter every time you ride!! See you at Round 5 In Nanaimo!!


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