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TEN FOUR Techniques

TEN FOUR Techniques

    This Saturday, as mentioned on the last blog for the Crown Royale race, Jarrett May will be out at Whiskey Creek preparing for Sundays race. He would like to offer up some riding techniques to the younger racers of the sport.

He would like to teach such skills as :

  • good cornering techniques
  • how to ride roots correctly (fast)
  • Line choices (there may be a better line)
  • Jumping logs to gain momentum
  • using whoops and breaking bumps to your advantage.

If there is enough interest for this , he would like to have two different classes. one class from ages 14 and under and the 2nd class being ages 15-25( if you are in the Junior over class and over 25 years of age come on out as well!).  If the parents of any racer younger than 18 could be other riding along with us or  atleast at the staging area that would be great.

This is a first attempt for May showing riders what he does best, so let's call this a riding/racing school trial. All is hoping to accomplish from this is to  show the young racers a thing or two to hopefully better their racing skills and to show them all that with hard work they could also be as fast as fellow island racer AL Wilson, Thomas Cordner and himself.

The first class will start at noon sharp on Saturday,  but it is still pending  on who will go out as he does not know how many riders will show. Please email him at of your interest.


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