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TEN FOUR BLOG- A new journey

TEN FOUR BLOG- A new journey


   Another season of racing in the books for the VIHSS, the 4th year of the series did not disappoint. I saw alot of happy racers this year including myself! Let me tell you how my 2014 season unfolded:


     I went into the season not prepared at all. I hadn't ridden for 6 straight months because of work and was scared I might of lost it. The double header weekend I somehow pulled it together and won both races. the first just barely by 10 seconds, but the Katoom I took the win quite convincingly over the field. Unfortunately I had to miss the next 2 races . Weddings are important and usually only happen once for friends, so I had to miss the two Tansky races. I was really bummed because  I am one of the rare riders that actually really enjoys the riding there. Its tough, its technical, you have to keep your eyes peeled to say the least.  I was planning on racing Nanaimo, but Andrew the organizer needed a hand, and I wanted to be there for him if anything went wrong and I was of need, plus I had been out at the Nanaimo track a handful of times lending a hand to get the course ready. Nothing wrong with working a race once a year  that's for sure. The Crown Royal came along and I finally was able to get a little seat time  before this race. I  helped out Kevin Williams as much as I could with race and course so he didn't have to do it all himself. It turned out to be a reall fantastic event and I took the win again and definitely felt like I was back! 


    A few weeks go by and I feel like I was going through some emotions with racing. How motivated I was , how into the racing I was still. Then it hit me. All I need is a change to excite my inner racing persona. I have been racing almost the same bike, the KTM 250 XC for almost 10 years and have been helped out and sponsored by Spunkys Motorcycles for the last 3 or so seasons. The KTM 250 is an amazing machine and I really enjoyed being a part of the Spunkys team as I respected all of the employees from the owner, sales, parts, mechanics, shipping and receiving, all of them, but I felt I needed a change and so I took a drive to Courtney...


I gave an old hockey teammate of mine a call, (kevin graham) and asked him if they (Courtney Motorsports) would be interested in sponsoring me for my racing endeavours. They agreed and welcomed me with open arms and  really treated me right away like a true top racer .  I was able to meet almost everyone in the shop from their mechanics, their sales associates, the owner, parts, etc, and they all were wonderful and felt right at home right away.


  The next day I was able to drive back on up to Courtney Motorsports and they had a new 2015 TE 250 in the crate.  Dan and Craig (2 mechanics from Courtney Motorsports) were kind enough to bring it to their home shop and assemble the bike while I drank wobbly pops with Dan.  The bike looked so sharp and crisp I was practically drueling over it. Definitely a nice looking bike! They had it built by 9 or so  and we thru it in my truck and off home I went. I can't thank Craig and Dan enough for helping me out!  My wife and I were on our way to our friends wedding on the mainalnd the next morning, the friday, so I was unable to ride the bike and was going to have to go into Sundays race with out having any seat time,  a bit nervous but so extremely excited to see what the Husqvarna te 250 had to offer.  Let's not get into the race, I will post another blog tomorrow evening with an in depth dialogue of how the Redemption Hare Scramble went.


Again I would like to thank Spunkys for everything they have done for me in the past 3 or 4 years, its been a splice. Now, for a NEW JOURNEY with Courtney Motorsports. My motivation for racing is at an all time high and am thrilled to know that I have a great team backing me with Courtney Motorsports!. Let the good times roll!


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