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Round 2 - the Roots of Doom 6 , this weekend!!

Round 2 - the Roots of Doom 6 , this weekend!!

Hello VIHSS Racers,

So, we are 1 Round down and 5 to go for our 2015 VIHSS Race Season. Our next stop on the schedule is at Whiskey Creek for the Roots of Doom 6. Sunday , April 12th is the exact date and conditions are looking supreme at Whiskey Creek. But, just because conditions are good doesn't mean race will be a walk in the park. Race Organizers Andrew Graham, Al Wilson, and Jarrett May have put together yet another exciting course that will test all riders abilities, endurance , stamina and determination. The course loop is the longest we have seen at Whiskey Creek. We should be renaming the race to classify it as a Cross Country, but for the sake of our Hare Scramble Series let's keep it defined as a Hare Scramble.

Here we go, let's get into the racers, who's hot, who's done their training, who was on FIRE at first round (Katoom Scramble) and what we expect to see from this weekends race:

Let's start with the Senior Experts ( fast old guys rock!)
Trent Gillis dominated the field at the Katoom and won and quite convincly so. He was the only Senior Expert to finish 4 laps and he almost had lap times that would have put him in the top 5 overall. Geoff Ross and Darren Gilfoy had a close battle ensuing. Ross was able to hold his lead and take 2nd over Gilfoy. This was Gilfoys first ever Senior Expert race, he held his own. Mladen Rudman was not far off pace of these two, with Craig Murray and Bas Tankink hot on his heals. look for these 3 to bounce back and try to make their way onto the podium this weekend.

Bob Stewart ( Katoom race Organizer) and Andy James (Brentwood Enduro Organizer) will be back in the mix this weekend. This will really stir the pot, you may see a whole different look on the podium. Trent Gillis might have something different to say!

Let's move onto the Intermediate class: Complete domination from John Stevenson. He definitely did his homework in the offseason. John was blistering fast at the Katoom. This was also his first "A" class race. But he showed how good of shape he is in. He took the win by over 7 minutes and also placed himself in the top 10 overall. Now, Katoom was his hometown track. Can he keep his own at a course he doesn't know quite as well? Chris Lichty, Craig Tsumura, Mitch Thygesen , and Chayse Marshall are ready to show Stevensen that this championship is not over quite yet!

Vet Experts now:

It was a show down Between Adrian Corcoran and Local Racer Peter Boudreall. It went all the way to the LAST corner between the two until Peter "stuffed" Corcoran and took the win by 3 seconds. This class is stacked right now, there are over 10 riders that could take the win if they put it all together at The Roots of Doom. Craig Ryan was not far off pace from the 2 leaders and challenge for the win this weekend. Some miss fortune for Jamie Prince left him stranded on course at the Katoom, he would like to bounce back. Simon Ritchie (a VIHSS die hard)is working hard as of late to get back on the box. Now, there are 3 or more local riders you might see come out to race the Roots that we haven't seen this year. Dan Joughin, Liam Churchill, Jake Conn, Wade Edwards, the list goes on of fast Vet Experts riders in the Parksville area that could challenge for a win and bragging rights at this years Roots. We are not sure where Paul Gallagher will sign himself up for.If he goes Vet Expert, ohh my! Vet Expert will be an exciting class to watch!

Let's go to the 4 young guys and one older guy class. We mean EXPERT!

Marc Fleming rode amazing at the Katoom and held off 4 young up an coming racers of Quinn McCullough, Kurt Mortensen, Liam Buss, and Fraser Stewart. Quinn was very close to Marc, only a mere 21 seconds at race end. Mortensen and Buss were not far off pace, and who knows where Stewart would have placed if he didn't crash hard right off the get go and a trip to the hospital. I guess we will all find out this weekend. Racing is going to be intense in this class. They all respect and have fun with each other, but they all want to win, and they all are that good that we cannot say who we can predict will be on the top step at any given race. It will be an exciting season between these 5. But remember, there are some others around that could come out of the woodwork and steal the show. Travis Howell from Nanaimo has the speed, the experience, and most definitely the strength to come out and knock one out of the park!

Lastly, (for the "A" classes) we have the Pro/Masters class:

Jarrett May and Tyler Murray always seem to be in a heated battle at our island events. In the earlier years May would be able to fend off Murray and pull away, but now, now Murray has hit another level. At the Katoom May had over a minute lead after 1 lap at the Katoom, but after Murray saw that on the leaderboard he put it in overdrive, caught May, passed him and was on his way to victory. But, yet again he had bike problems on the island and had to pull of after lap 4. May admits he had nothing for him after he passed him, he was just too fast. Thomas Cordner is now back in action. He was able to take 2nd, and 4th overall but still is shaking off some cob webs as it had been a year and half since he raced a Hare Scramble. Unfortunately he will be missing the Roots, but will be back for the Grind at Boyd's Pit on April 25th. Murray is also unable to make his way over for the Roots but we hope to also see him at the Grind. We were hoping we would see the 2 local Master show down between Al Wilson and May this weekend. At last years Roots of Doom Wilson caught May with a kilometer to go, but May held him off to win by 10 seconds. Unfortunately Wilson twisted his knee really bad at last weekends Big Kahuna race event in Kamloops and will most likely not be able to race.

With the other 3 Masters out that leaves May to hold off the Expert line. It also brings up the infamous question " Who's Next?". They have all showed signs of excellence and great speed, but can one of them find that next gear and compete against May at the Roots? I guess we will find out in 4 days from now , this Sunday!!

That's it for now , we will try to release an article on the "B" class racers soon.

See you all at the Roots of Doom this sunday, April 12th for the 6th annual Roots of Doom!


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