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Redemption 2.0

Redemption 2.0


               Welcome back to the Ten-Four blog.   Last blog I talked about a " A new Journey". Switching bikes and shops and how I am looking very forward to the year ahead. We had one last race here on Vancouver Island and am going to share with you how the race weekend unfolded.

            The Friday, 2 days before the race, my wife and I were over on the mainland at some friends wedding. Always a special moment to see two soul mates tie the knot. We stayed over night at our friends place, had a relaxing morning and day with them, then I headed back over on the 7 ferry to drive home and get some rest before the next mornings Redemption race.  Luckily, I was able to ride the course the weekend prior, but I rode it on a different bike (KTM).

       I showed up Sunday morning pretty much as the Courtney Motorsports boys ( Dan and Craig) showed up with the new Husqvarna te 250! The bike was brand new, literally brand new, it hadn't even been started yet. We fired it up, did a few heat cycles, then off I went to do a 15 minute work in on the bike. The Bike felt amazing right off the hop,  It felt natuaral and every part of the bike felt like home.  I was pumped to go racing now , but still a little nervous with being a new bike that I hadnt rode much at all yet.

   The 72 other racers and I made our way down to the start line ( the mini Erzberg start) and were patiently waiting to go race Redemption!  Tyler Murray had made it over for the race. I was real excited  he was there because we always have some really great battles in races here on the island that seemed to go back and forth sometimes for the whole race.  I knew he was going to be a tough one to beat and I was going to have to ride this new Husqvarna HARD right off the get go.

    Lougheed dropped the gate and  Murray charged out first for the holeshot. I was 2nd , but backed off for a second so I wouldn't get a 10 foot wall of water blasted in my face from the lake like puddle we rode through 200 feet off the start.  It didn't matter though as Marc Fleming didn't let off the gas and passed me right before the puddle and endulged me with a ton of water it felt like.  I was already soaking wet and we had only gone 200 feet! Fleming ended up flaming out over the next jump( stalled) and I made my way back into 2nd. Tyler and I seperated ourselves from the field pretty quick, but Fraser Stewart was able to make his way into 3rd before the end of the mx section and only had Tyler and I infront of him.   Tyler was a few corners infront of me for  two thirds of the first lap until we made our way into the swamp monster "A" section.  He ended up getting sucked into the middle of one of the nasty mud holes and I was able to pass him on the high side.  I was in the lead now, but knew Tyler would be back for more....

       The first lap was done and I had a 20 second lead. Somehow Tyler and I's lap time on the 2nd lap was exactly the same , so I was still only a mere 20 seconds ahead of him. We both were riding real good and  definitely pacing off of each other.  The 3rd lap he was able to catch my rear tire and 3/4's of the way  through the lap I was jammed behind a "B" rider and Ty was able to make his way through the bushes to make the pass for first. he gapped me some because it took me a second to get by the other fellow racer, and now the rolls had reversed and Murray was out infront by 20 seconds.  We entered the 4th lap about the same but the a 1/4 way through I had him back insights the race was back on!  Tyler was riding real well and we were definitely not letting up, our pace was increasing, even being 1.5 hours plus into the race already.

      I was right on his back tire now, but felt the bike studdering.  Then, the bike just stops. I had run of out gas!!!!.  All I could think was , SHIT! I sat for 30 seconds thinking what I should do, then remembered there was a few guys that were helping with the race probably  500 metres back on the two track I was on. So, with all of my gear I sprinted back to them to get them hopefully to give me some gas.  I found one of them , but was not on his bike, but said to me Dan Sinclair was in the "A"section making sure everything was going good.  I started yelling at the top of my lungs for him, I could not here anything in return. I ran into the end of the "A" section and tried to find him, but to no evail. I scurried my way back to the two track just in case he had come that way, but  he hadn't , so I kept yelling and yelling like a crazy person. I did NOT want to give up yet!  Finally Dan came out of the woodwork and was there to save the day.  We ended up using his camelback to fill the bike up with gas from his  bike.  While we were doing this Fraser Stewart and Marc Fleming had raced by and put me in a state of panic. We only put in 1.5 litres, but thought for sure it was enough to make it back to the start.

   I had lost 10 minutes atleast at this point. I knew Tyler had first in the bag, but was going to make a charge for 2nd . I was able to pass back Fleming, but a few minutes after  and only another half a kilometer of trail from where my gas was sitting I ran out of gas AGAIN!  I Jumped off my bike and sprinted for my gas that was 200 meters away by foot.  I was able to have a fellow racer double me back to my bike and then filled my bike up to the BRIMM with gas this time and finally could fully get back into the race.

    We were on lap 5 now, and knew with my 12 plus minute gas incidents  I had to put the hammer down and find another gear.  I was not able to get any water at my gas stop, and was not carrying any, so I knew I was going to have another  3.5 hour race without any H2O.  I was able pull back in Marc  half way through this lap  and knew Fraser was only  2 or 3 minutes ahead of him.  My 5th and 6th laps I somehow pushed so hard I dropped my lap times to 27:00 minutes flat, where the 3rd lap of the race I was just under 28:00 while battling with Murray.

    Half way through the 6th lap I had finally caught back up to Fraser. He heard me, saw me, and was going to try everything to hold me off. Stewart was riding extremely well and knowing that he knew every perfect line on this course was going to make it tough to make a pass. We came into Legends triple track and  made it happen. We just about slammed into each other, but I just able to make it out first. We had no idea if the race was going to be done when we finished this lap, but we only had 2 minutes of the race left so I had to make no mistakes.  FS5 made a slight mistake behind and it gave me some breathing room. I came into the finish ahead, but we STILL had another lap to go!.

I charged hard for the first 1/4 of the lap to extend a gap between fraser and I, then put it on cruise control for the rest of the lap as I was getting pretty tired and dehydrated. I came into the finish  happy to finish 2nd, but for the score keepers to tell me that I actually was in first  as Tyler Murray had throttle cable issues on lap 5 and was unable to continue. I was bummed for Tyler but at the same time jacked that I had won!  I could not believe what had happened in the race and that I somehow mustard out the win.  All i can say is that I love Campbell River hare Scrambles!  I think we have had 8 races at C.R. in total now. I have won 6 of 8 of them. Losing to Bobby Prochnau and also Tyler Murray a few years back by 2 seconds!  Redemption was a fantastic race last year, but Redemption 2.0 was a thriller!!!

  I would like to thank Courtney Motorsports for stepping up and giving me a sponsorship almost immediately. The crew at C.M.S.  are awesome and am so excited to be on their team. Its going to be a fun off season here with the new bikes and getting prepared for next season with a new crew. I would also like to thank Ride Industries for helping me out for the 2014  season and now going forward into 2015. They make some mouth dropping graphics for bikes and always have been a huge supporter of my racing and riding.  Also, would like to thank Emperor Racing for helping out and being a huge part of enduro trail racing B.C.. He always helps out the racers/riders as much as he can. 

That's it for now.  thanks for reading , and stay tuned for some off season blogs. I am also looking at doing another TEN FOUR Techniques school ( free) and also might put together a TEN FOUR evaluation camp in the later winter-early spring to get racers ready for the race season.  there would be at maximum 20 available spots. a full weekend of llearning and where I and a few others can evaluate you and your skills. We will be doing a class seminar, in the gym training, mx skills, and a half day of riding in the trails. If you are interested you can email me your interest.  Over the next month  to 2 I will have all the details arranged .

Thanks again for reading, May out!


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