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Here comes the "B" rider boom!

Here comes the "B" rider boom!

Here we go, let's get down and dirty with the "B" rider classes for 2015.

Lately, two thirds of our rider entries are B riders and we see a good amount of them being first time racers, which is great to see. But it also puts us in a state of confusion of whom to predict will be front runners this year. Results say it all. At the Katoom we saw a whole new look on the podiums in the "B" classes. Our honest opinion is this weekend we could see another whole NEW look and see some others come up and battle for the lead. We could be wrong, and the ladies and gents on the podium at the Katoom may solidify their positions and ride away to victory at the Roots. Let's get into it!

Super senior, aint no time like the present:

With Andrew Graham trying out Senior Expert for a year (maybe more) it's a free for all in the super Senior class. The 2011 VIHSS Super Senior winner Gord Westerhoud came out to play, and play he did. Winning quite convincingly over Richard Mitchell and Ralph Lemmon. This Weekend at the Roots Richard will be out for revenge and will be hunting down Gord for the Win. Ralph has decided to help out with the event (which is all good, we need the volunteers). We should see some other 50 + riders out to challenge Gord and Richard. Kevin May will be back from Hawaii 5-0. But, who knows what kind of shape he will be in after not riding in 5 months. We hope to see Dave McCullough and others out (Tim Cordner?) to create a class like the good old days!

Vet Amateur at The Katoom was filled with some Mainland talent. 3 of the top 4 riders were from the other side of the Georgia Straight. They must of schemed up some ideas on the ferry coming over. They definitely came to play ball and take home some hardware. Shane Wohrmann, Anthony Davies, and Jared Powell-Williams were the 3 with Courtenay Native Jesse Scroggie right in the middle of it all. Shane won with Scroggie only minutes behind, and Davies was not far off as well. Now to look at it, they were all super close and this weekend will be exciting to see how everything will unfold. The Katoom was Jared Powell-Williams first ever race, let's see if he can build on a solid 4th place. There was 15 other riders in Vet am. at the Katoom and we could honestly see another 5-10 more come out to race at Whiskey Creek. It's definitely still anyone's ball game.

Senior Am. was won by another mainland rider Reece Tasker. He won by over 5 minutes. 2nd was Pascal Trudel. Shane Kirchin and Myles Koene were battling over 3rd place and not far off from Trudel. The Roots of Doom will be interesting because Trudel has dominated the race in recent years. Let's see if anyone has anything for him at The Roots! Cherie Cawdell rode Amazing in her first Senior Amateur race! Right now she is our fastest and most complete women racer in our series. She is strong, she is smart, she has the endurance, skill and technique. It would not be a shock to see Cawdell stepping onto the Podium at The Roots. Again, this a is BIG class with a lot of experienced racers. We are exciting to see what the outcome is after 2 hours of racing at Whiskey Creek

Next, we have the newly formed Novice Advanced Class:

Andrew Mcgriffin has definitely worked hard in the off season. He came out swinging at the Katoom and scored " Big time" with a big win! First ever win for Mcgriffin in the VIHSS. He won over Jeff Mckerihan by 3:43. Jeff smells blood and has been working hard as of late to prepare himself for round 2 to give Mcgriffin a run. Quinten Davy-Rekers rode fantastic and placed on the 3rd step of the podium and only less then a minute off of Mckerihan's finish time. Mainland rider Kyle Mortensen was very close to 3rd and is excited for the opportunity this weekend to challenge these 3 for a podium position. Again, another stacked class. The list goes on with youthful talent ; Jorden Forest, Tony Wilson, Greg Mckerihan, Eddie Graham, Jason Stein, and so on. The Roots will be a thrilling event in this class. A great group of 15-30 years old that have something to prove, we love it!

The Novice Class now:

We decided to split the Junior over class from last year into two and rename them to Novice Advanced and Novice. SO far it has worked perfectly. Instead of having a huge 30 plus Junior over class we have 2 classes with still some very good competition in both and another shot to make it on the podium. Victor Pasieka took advantage and rode extremely well to his first victory! A great ride by Pasieka but also a superb effort from Adam Chevrefils and Ben Curet. Adam was not far off pace and with Whiskey Creek being his hometown course we are hoping for a show down between the two: Pasieka vs.Chevrefils! There were some riders in this class that had some misfortune and will be seeking a bounce back ride to redeem themselves from the Katoom. Another exciting class to watch. We can't wait for The Roots to start, and I am sure they cannot either!

Our final class is Novice Beginner:

Unforunately there were only 2 riders in the beginner class at the Katoom. but give big credit to both of them for riding hard and completing the race. Not 100%, but we do believe this was Glenn Stevensens first ever race. great riding by him, we look to see him vastly improve his racing skills over the course of the year and mold into a dynamic trail racer like his older brother John. Jocelyn Buss was 2nd and was 1 of the 3 ladies to race the Katoom. We didn't get a chance to talk to her after the Katoom race, but we do know she was all smiles! We hope to see a few more riders come out and challenge these two in the Novice Beginner class at the Roots!

Well racers, that's it! If we missed you we are sorry, and if we didn't mention you because, well, you weren't at the Katoom, then it's time to show everyone who you are and come to Whiskey Creek to represent at this years Roots of Doom. Make sure to bring your camelback, you will need it with the long course this year for the Roots. Conditions cannot get much better then they are now. Race organizers are hoping for a drizzle of rain to keep the ground moist ( especially in the open areas). If you haven't been able to make it out to see the course yet you should. There is some interesting new sections and different twists on the course. Round 2 is coming , and coming fast! See you all the race on Sunday!

Written by the Vancouver Island Dirt Riders Association (VIDRA)


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