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Nov22's top 22!'s top 22!

This is's top 22 B.C. offroad trail racers for the 2011 season!
These rankings are based on racers race results from The Canadian Enduro Championships, PNWMA offroad racing series, The VIHSS, The OHSS, Xtinction, and some American races.
A racer like Cory Graffunder may not have raced in B.C. this year but is born and raised here, so he deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments south of the border.

Why 22? Well, I just couldn't leave out Canada's top 2 women racers off this list. They both have done amazing things this year. They are both racing with A racers now, and show that they have the skill and determination to be contenders against the boys.

So here we go, the top 22!

1. Bobby Prochnau KTM Savona

2. Cory Graffunder Husqvarna Kamloops

3. Geoff Nelson KTM Abbotsford

4. Ben Rego Husaberg Kitimat

5. Ryan Graffunder Husqvarna Kamloops

6. Jarrett May KTM Nanaimo

7. Josh Allen Kawasaki Kamloops

8. Tyler Murray Honda Abbotsford

9. Malcolm Hett KTM Kamloops

10.thomas Cordner Gas Gas Victoria

11.Ryan Dey KTM Abbotsford

12.Tim Dyck KTM Langley

13.Al Wilson Gas Gas Parksville

14.Dillon Bucknell Kawasaki Kelowna

15.Nick Graffunder Husqvarna Kamloops

16.Bernie Bykerk KTM Salmon Arm

17.Colton Hall KTM Chilliwack

18.Travis Howell KTM Nanaimo

19.Michael Laycraft KTM Coquitlam

20.Eric Demoulin KTM Langley

21.Victoria Hett Gas Gas Vernon

22.Chantelle Bykerk KTM Salmon Arm

You could throw the likes of Brock Hoyer into the mix, but he only raced a few races. He would Definitely be in the top 10, most likely top 5 if he raced off road some more.

So there it is! British Columbia's top 22 off road Trail racers for 2011. In the month of December I would like to do a daily Bio. on each of these 22 racers leading up to Christmas day! I will start with # 22 Chantelle Bykerk! All 22 of these racers raced hard all year in one of the above mentioned series, most raced multiple. They all deserve the up most respect.

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