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Redemption 2.0


               Welcome back to the Ten-Four blog.   Last blog I talked about a " A new Journey". Switching bikes and shops and how I am looking very forward to the year ahead. We had one last race here on Vancouver Island and am going to share with you how the race weekend unfolded.


TEN FOUR BLOG- A new journey


   Another season of racing in the books for the VIHSS, the 4th year of the series did not disappoint. I saw alot of happy racers this year including myself! Let me tell you how my 2014 season unfolded:



TEN-FOUR BLOG - Back in the Saddle

Hey racers, this is Jarrett May signing in. It has been oh so long since I have written in my racing blog so, I thought I better get my act together and reconnect with all of you.

The Island Double header races were over 2 weeks ago now but I am still thinking about the fun I had and what it felt like to be back on a dirt bike. I have been busy building my wife and I's new house, and really have had no time to ride a bike the past 6 months. In fact, the last time I jumped on a bike was for the Redemption Hare Scramble in C.R. at the end of October last year.


A Titan of a race!

It has been too long since I have written in my 10-4 blog so I have decided to reconnect with all of you and share my experience of the last race I attended, The Tansky Titan!


10-4 blog- The Cat Scratch= Nelson domination.

All right, I finally had a minute to sit down and write a blog report on last weekends race, The Cat Scratch.

I and two other intermediate level VIHSS riders ( Joel and Nootka) scrambled our stuff together in one truck and made our way over on the ferry mid day Saturday. We hit the same ferry as fellow WCR members Pee dee and A-dub so, we all chilled out and talked bikes. We headed off the ferry and straight up to Squamish to the race site so we could put in at least one loop before the day was done.


10-4 blog- My Rock Hound race report.

It has been way too long since I’ve wrote on my 10-4 blog. Since last year sometime. I guess I was just a little worn down from organizing a whole new racing series, organizing 3 races and helping with pretty much every island race. Plus, trying to update this site and the PNWMA website. It was a lot to take in, along with racing Pro, it pretty much takes up every minute of my non working hours. I’m not complaining though. Trail racing is what I love, it’s what I do, and I personally think there is no better sport around. Period!


update from the Kahuna, the morning of.

Morning update from the kahuna: the b riders are getting ready to race with sun shining and the track looking mint. There's a slight chill outside, but racers will brush that off pretty quick. All the pros are here. Bobby, geoff nelson, josh allen and his bro, the graffunder bros, the dycks bros, jara from chech (he'll be flying), demoulin, monk, many others, and myself.

There's al on endurocross. track that looks quite interesting. an arm burner for sure.
I'm pretty sure the race will turn into a dust bowl by the end of the day. thats ok, we're all use to that here.


the eve before The Big Kahuna.

So geoff nelson, madelyn, eric demoulin and myself are just chillin out in the motel in kamloops talking bikes and lettin food dijest. We're all excited for tomorrow to go race our 2 stroke katoomers and be again racing with all of our buds ! 2012 season is here, time for the good old Kahuna!

Check back for another update before and after the race.

May out! 104 KTM


My Tansky Titan race report

The Tansky Titan, what a race! All I can say is I am sure glad I am in the best racing shape I have ever been in right now. That was a tough tough grueling hare scramble.

With summer finally arriving the sun was out and faces had smiles of anticipation. Most were eager to get the race under way, some maybe weary of the next few hours encounters.


Kamloops CEC race report

Hey everyone,

It has been since the last VIHSS race in Campbell River that I have written on my 10-4 blog. With somewhat a lack of motivation the past month to keep in racing spirit, I have been slacking on my training and keeping up with the updates on my site. But, with last weekends first 2 rounds of Canadian Enduro Championships in Kamloops, my motivation is right back to where it was at the start of the season.

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